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The Online Roulette Phenomenon

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games of all time. Immortalised in books, TV and film, this beguilingly simple game has endured throughout the years, first becoming one of the most popular casino games of all time.

Already hugely popular in bricks and mortar casinos, the game now has spread into the digital realm with unerring success. So what is it about roulette that makes it such a perfect casino game to play online?

To understand this, we need to first understand how the game developed from what was, essentially, a casino based game. Indeed of all casino games, arguably roulette was the one game that was most firmly entrenched in the casino. While it is easy to pick up a pack of cards for a game of blackjack at home, it was much more difficult to find your own roulette wheel and layout to do likewise.

The first step on the way to becoming an online phenomenon was the fact that when the personal computer boom of the 1980s started, programmers began to develop programmes based on the game. Over time, as computers grew in complexity, so the graphics and representations of games of roulette improved too.

Then came the dawn of the Internet and soon casino operators realised that this traditionally bricks and mortar casino game, was a perfect choice for the burgeoning online casino industry.

The technology is based on a random number generator (as most casino games are), but the software is specifically designed to replicate the look and feel of roulette, even down to the sounds of the ball bouncing around the wheel and settling into a slot.

Over time, the technology that has powered the online roulette phenomenon has developed considerably. Now online games boast outstanding high definition graphics, digitised sounds that are sampled from an actual roulette wheel and animations so crisp and smooth that it is almost like being there.

Indeed, when roulette has become so popular to play online, one of the key reasons is that it is a game that translates superbly well to the Internet. Players can have the exact same experience of playing roulette at home as they would get at the casino.

That’s important as weigh up all the sundry costs of playing at a casino in town, and you’ll see that playing at home is often cheaper for the individual too.

Another huge positive for the online game is that you can play any type of roulette, regardless of where you are in the world. Hit the hallsonline roulette history3 of Las Vegas for example, and you’ll struggle to find a European roulette wheel, the opposite is true in the casinos of Europe, but online, you can play American or European roulette at any time, from anywhere in the world.

It is tempting to think that online roulette has already reached its pinnacle given its soar away success but that may not be the case. One relatively recent innovation involves having a live video stream of a live dealer spinning a real roulette wheel and allowing players to log in, view the stream and play with a live dealer at home, almost in exactly the same way as they would at a casino.

In the future, you may find that the multi-player aspect of online roulette becomes further embedded as playing on your own is fun, but when you are playing with lots of other players, whom you can interact with and share your victories and losses, it becomes an altogether more exciting game.

By adding this social element, allied to its extraordinarily simple appeal, online roulette should continue to grow as a game for many years to come.

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The European Roulette Game – How It Works

French Roulette

Roulette is probably the most well-known casino game in the world. For at least one hundred years there was just one version of roulette around and that was the European version. That stands to reason considering that in the opulent casinos of the principality of Monaco as well as those on the French Riviera. While the Americans might have invented craps or even blackjack, the French were the ones behind roulette, with even its name being French, meaning “little wheel”. Roulette has always been associated with gentility and good behaviour. When the game made its way to the shores of the United Kingdom and the high-class casinos of London that exclusive atmosphere was continued.

American Roulette

It was only when roulette hit North America, probably through New Orleans, did things start to get a little tacky. It was there that the casino operators decided that they didn’t like the odds they were giving out on the game, and added an extra zero, moving the advantage much more in favour of the house. For obvious reasons this version of roulette was known as American roulette. Apart from that extra zero, the basic rules that have stayed with the same format since the wheel was first spun.

There is a lot of tradition around roulette, something that probably makes it so popular. For instance, when the croupier spins the roulette wheel, they always spin it in the same direction and, when the wheel is in full spin, the croupier places a small white ball inside the wheel spins it the opposite direction. The ball will eventually land in one of the 36 notches on the wheel and on the table, or on the zero.

European Roulette Online

European roulette online has remained intact more than any other of the traditional table casino games. The big differences are, first of all, that the player has all the time in the world to place their bets. A factor which can make a significant difference in play strategy.

Secondly and no less important is that if a player joins a really good online casino like Casino Action or Golden Tiger Casino, they will not only be eligible to receive a very generous welcome bonus as well as regular match deposit bonuses as they play. Add to that a constant drip of points through their loyalty club which can be converted towards casino credits. Having considerably more cash to play with has to swing the odds even more in favour of the player at European roulette online.

European roulette online remains on the top of the list of favourite casino games, where it has been since the turn of the nineteenth century. European roulette online looks like it will be around for hundreds of years to come, thanks to the online casino revolution. And nobody is missing that extra zero!

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