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Reel Gems – Whoever loves Roulette will love this Slot, too!

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Reel gems use precious stones as a theme which includes several gems that are brightly coloured as well as card symbols, which go from Ace all the way down to nine. The game also includes two different special symbols as well as a wild symbol in the form of the game’s logo. There is a diamond ring in the game that gives free spins this is the scatter symbol. The game has one of the best introductions in video slots, it shows you all of the gems.

You don’t get any fix paylines in this game. Instead, you get winnings based on the combinations from left to right. You can pay up to ten coins for every payline.  The coins that are wagered per spin are automatically at twenty-five times the number of coins per payline which means almost 250 coins can be put up for every spin.

The game is easy to pick up, and you get a good number of betting options. The jackpot you can be 40.000 coins at most, but there are several jackpots that are over 1000 points which means you have a better chance of getting a high amount of coins if you get several jackpots even if they aren’t from the maximum amount.

So try it today at our recommended casino!

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Tips for Playing Roulette Online

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Even though you have a wide choice of online casino games, the most popular and exciting game is roulette online. Hence, you should understand the correct strategies to make winnings regularly. Are you aware that only 10% of online roulette players win 100%, while the balance 90% are losers? Would you attribute this purely to luck or is there something behind this statistics? The truth is that those who win approach the game with proven strategies and play in a methodical and pre-planned manner. Here are a few tips on the correct strategies and rules to win your online roulette games.

  • The first thing that you should avoid in online roulette game is to play with your instinct. Follow proven roulette strategies and take professional help and guidance if necessary from renowned roulette players.
  • You should never put all the eggs in a single basket, says the old adage. This is true for online roulette games also. You should never invest all your capital in a single casino, since your entire capital might get wiped out in one instance when you least expect it. Hence, you should always spread your investment of online roulette capital amount to five or ten casinos. When you do this, you are risking only 10% or 20% of your capital whenever you play.
  • You should not try to aim for 100% profit every single day that you play before you have mastered the techniques and strategies. Initially, you could start with a simple strategy like ‘Black/Red Roulette Strategy’, which is quite safe. When you have understood this technique and have profited from it, you could move on to more complex strategies.
  • One major blunder that many players make is to start panicking or getting anxious and alarmed when they make a mistake and lose. If you lose something, do not attempt to regain it immediately. Play more carefully the next day and try to recover what you have lost.
  • Avail bonus money, casino VIP points, and other incentives and rewards that many online casinos offer to augment your capital. Most casinos offer bonuses varying between £500 and £1,000, apart from incentives for signing up.

If you follow the above strategies, you would not lose but to win regularly in your online roulette casino games!

Things to consider when playing Roulette Online

Roulette has been around for at least a hundred years, first played in the fabulous casinos in the South of France, and from there making its way around the World. Now roulette online is taking over, which can really be a game-changer. Anyone who has ever watched a roulette session in a land-based casino will probably pick up on a couple of very important points:

  • That the player has absolutely no say in the outcome of the spin.
  • That the croupier never seems to give the players enough time to put their bets down.

Despite all these possible restrictions, roulette has remained a very popular game to a lot of players, possibly because it is safe and predictable. After a while casino roulette lovers generally know what bets they like best, and exactly how much time they need before the croupier calls out the famous “no more bets please.”

The main thing to consider when playing roulette online is that, apart from all the obvious advantages of playing when you like in the comfort and security of your own home, is the player and not the croupier enjoys complete control of the speed of the game. That means that there is no pressure to get bets down in time. That’s where a player who understands roulette and the possible odds of every bet that they make can extract the best value per spin, and therefore can place whatever bets they choose. For that reason, it is very important for a player to understand every bet that they place, and how much each winning bet will pay out, to establish an overall betting strategy for playing roulette online.

Land casinos love these scenes in films or TV where a player hits the winning number and gets a massive pay out. Why do they love it? Because it rarely happens in real life. It’s not for nothing that casinos pay out 35-1 on hitting a number on the nose and only even money on black or red, or odds and evens. Spreading bets between these two permutations is the key to winning consistently at online roulette.

Someone who is new to roulette in general or possibly new to playing roulette online, should take advantage of the generous offer than top class online casinos such as Golden Tiger Casino and join as a guest player. That way they can get the feel of online roulette action without needing to deposit a penny till they are ready. They will get all the help that they need from the casino’s customer service department on any questions that they might have, till they are ready to join as a real money player.

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