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The Best Online Roulette Games

Online casinos today offer a magnificent choice of online roulette games. While all online roulette variations have their qualities, some of them are better than the others. To choose our favourites, we focused on finding the games that offer the best combination of winning odds, special features and high quality graphics and sounds.

Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold Online Casino ScreenMulti-Wheel European Roulette Gold

This online roulette game allows you to place bets on the table and then activate up to 8 wheels, thus multiplying placed bets by up to 8 times, but also multiplying your chances to win. Betting on several wheels simultaneously is fantastic if you want to save time and increase the excitement. The layout of the game is practical and neat, also featuring Race Track.

As a part of the popular Microgaming’s Gold series, Multi-Wheel European Roulette Gold features top quality graphics and effects that ensure an exquisite gambling experience.

Recommended for experienced players who want to bet more and save time.

Roulette Royale Online Casino ScreenRoulette Royale

Another game with European wheel (featuring only 1 Zero), Roulette Royale is a top gambling choice because of its Progressive Jackpot and stunning graphics. Each time you spin the wheel, the game automatically places a small side bet that adds to the Jackpot. The Progressive Jackpot is won if the ball lands on the same number five times in a row. (There are also smaller Jackpots for 3 or 4 consecutive hits.)

Elegant and beautiful, the game’s visual layout further increases its appeal.

Recommended for beginners and experienced players alike, especially if they prefer long gambling sessions.

Premium Roulette Series European Online Casino ScreenPremium Roulette Series European

Notable for its statistical panel, this is another top quality online roulette with superb graphics and a variety of features – one of which is an option to save a bet array into Favourites.

Recommended for players with an affinity for roulette statistics.

Online Casino Review: Villento Casino

Villento is a lively online casino, perfect for those who are fond of slots, fruit machine games, poker, baccarat, and more. Accredited by Kahnawake and managed by the acclaimed Microgaming software, Villento will certainly provide you with memorable gaming experiences. Launched in 2006, Villento highlights a myriad of first-class games for players of all categories. Browse the website to have a clearer image of the casino, and what you need to do to make an account and start playing.

The Games

With a sleek design and easy to manage site map, Villento will dazzle you from the very first minutes you press enter. There are great bonuses available for players, including a 100% bonus on your first deposit of $20 or more. Additionally, the Casino Rewards Loyalty program will allow you to earn VIP points; the more you earn – and you do this automatically as you play at the casino, the greater the chances to convert them into cash. Benefit from the thrilling games to their full potential as Villento Casino will provide you with another bonus worth up to 50% on your 2nd deposit. Altogether you can earn up to $1000 in match bonuses on your first 5 deposits!

Software and Safety

To make sure players are 100% secure, Villento uses the newest Microgaming software and it functions under the trusted Kahnawake license. Hence, all users can rest assured that their money and private information is properly stored. In addition, there’s a 24/7 customer support at your disposal, so regardless of your concerns, make sure to contact them via email, live chat, or phone.

Payment Terms

When it comes to payment, players should know that several methods are available at Villento Casino depending on your country of origin. To make deposits and withdraw money you can use your personal credit or debit card, go for a pre-paid option, eWallet or bank transfer. All payments are generally processed within 2 business days (depending on the method you choose). Nonetheless, withdrawals through a bank transfer might take up to 10 days.

Try your luck today at Villento Casino!

Villento Casino

Basic Roulette Strategy Techniques

Roulette is one of the simplest casino games to learn, and in part that’s because there isn’t much strategy to it. There is no sure-fire way to predict where exactly the ball will land on the roulette wheel, but here are several tips for reducing the house edge and improving your chances of winning some chips using basic roulette strategy.

Reduce House Advantage

The odds of winning a straight up bet (a bet on a single number) are 1 in 37 for a single-zero roulette wheel, or 1 in 38 for a double-zero wheel. By paying 35 to 1 on straight up bets instead of 37 or 38 to 1, the house gains an advantage of 2.63 percent (single-zero) or 5.26 percent (double-zero). So, whenever possible, choose to play single-zero roulette where you will face a lower house advantage.

Make More Outside Bets

Outside bets may have lower payouts, but you also have higher odds of winning with these bets. That’s why most serious players stick to outside bets like red/black, even/odd, or high/low for most spins. These bets basically give you a 50-50 chance of guessing correctly.

Use the Surrender Rule

If you are playing on a double-zero roulette wheel, ask the dealer if the casino offers the surrender rule. Normally, if you make an even-money bet (like red/black) and the ball lands on 0 or 00, you lose. When the surrender rule is in effect, however, you only lose half of your bet in this situation.

Try Inside Betting Strategies

If you truly can’t resist the allure of those high-paying, long-odds inside bets, it’s best to use a strategy that allows you to bet on as many numbers as possible on each spin. You won’t necessarily make big money, but you will enjoy more small wins and be able to play longer.

The double street quad strategy is a good place to start. This strategy allows you to cover over half of the numbers using six chips. Make two double street bets of two chips each and one quad bet of one chip. Then choose one number you haven’t yet covered and place a straight bet on it. You can bet your lucky number, but make sure it doesn’t overlap with any of the other bets.

For example, you could bet on 10-15 and 28-33 for your double streets, 17, 18, 20, and 21 for your quad, and 5 for your straight up bet. If the ball lands on 10-15 or 28-33, the house pays 5 to 1 on your two-chip bet for a profit of six chips. If the ball lands on 17, 18, 20, or 21, the house pays 8 to 1 on your bet for a profit of three chips, and if the ball lands on 5 the house pays 35 to 1 for a profit of 30 chips.

Play at a Full Table

One final tip for enjoying roulette is to always play at a full table. That way, you will average fewer spins per hour and extend the time spent at the table enjoying the gaming experience.

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