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How to Play American Roulette Gold

Microgaming has added more character and a whole lot more polish to the usual American Roulette game in the American Roulette Gold. What sets it distinctly apart from the equally popular European Roulette and European Roulette Gold is the use of not just one, but two, zero slots. That puts the number of slots to 38, which is one more than the 37 slots in European Roulette.

American Roulette Gold comes with more customization features, particularly with respect to the graphics, sound, as well as the speed of the game. There are definitely more betting options, too, which is always welcome for those who love playing this game.

Depending on the type of bet that is going to be placed by players, American Roulette Gold has different maximum betting limits. Since this game has 38 numbers or slots, players can expect the game to progress faster. However, it also puts the odds in the favor of the house more than of the player unless, of course, a strategy is in place.

There are a number of strategies you can put into place, and two of the most popular ones are the Grand Martingale and the Martingale strategies. Players will choose between Black and Red, or Odd and Even to make their bets. Once they have made the choice, it will be used consistently.

The Martingale strategy holds that, should the bet lose during the round, the player should just double the bet in the next round until eventually when he will win and recoup his losses. The Grand Martingale strategy follows the same basic principle. The bet is doubled on the next round, but it will also be increased by the amount of the original bet that was placed.

Serious players of American Roulette will definitely get a kick out of the expert functions thrown into the Gold version. Some of the expert functions that they can check out include Black Splits, Red Splits and Zero Game, which offers 2 additional bets that were previously excluded in other Roulette games.

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How to Play French Roulette

Those who are used to playing American Roulette are probably wondering how different it is from French Roulette. Other players who are familiar with the European Roulette, on the other hand, are likely to presume that it is similar to the French Roulette.

If we are to compare the French Roulette to the American Roulette, the difference would be in number of divisions in the wheel. In the latter, the wheel is split into 38 parts; in French Roulette, it is divided into 37 parts, which includes the 0 slot.

Between French Roulette and European Roulette, they are, indeed, similar. They even have the same 37 number pockets. However, they differ when it comes to their respective table layouts as well as some of the best that can be made by players.

In French Roulette, the wheel is in the middle of the table. The outside bets, on the other hand, can be placed on either side.

The basic game play in French Roulette is no different from other types of roulette games. What you should do is to place your bet on the colors or the numbers where you think the ball may land on. Spin the wheel, and wait if the ball does land on where you placed your bets.

French Roulette games are also likely to have two additional game play rules: the La Partage and the En Prison Rule. The La Partage rule says that if you placed a bet on evens and the ball falls in the 0 pocket, you will lose only half of the amount you wagered. Using the same scenario, the En Prison rule states that all the wagers placed will stay on the table for the next spin.

Since this is French Roulette we’re talking about, it is a given that many of the terms used are also in French. It is important to be aware of what they are so you will be able to play with more confidence.

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Why the European Roulette Gold Series Is So Popular

One of the most popular roulette games today, hands down, is Microgaming’s European Roulette Gold Series. You must be wondering why it is getting so much more attention than other classic roulette games out there. Here are the main reasons why.

  1. It is highly realistic. This is a credit to the creative and innovative minds behind Microgaming. Compared to other online casino roulette, European Roulette Gold is rendered with a high level of realism, from the impeccable graphics to the larger-than-life sound effects that accompany them. This is further reinforced by the stunning 3D wheel and ball animation. It looks so much like the real thing; you wouldn’t be blamed if you forget that you are actually playing online!
  2. It is simple. The trouble with most online casino games – roulette, included – is how difficult they are to understand. The gameplay looks complex, and there are rules that, to many online players, do not make sense at all. With this Microgaming roulette game, players appreciate how the graphics are not only there for eye candy purposes. They actually serve to make the game easier to play. The European Roulette Gold Series is simple and so easy to understand, it won’t take long before you start placing your bets and winning big!
  3. It has more features than your usual online casino roulette game. These new features also increase the players’ chances of winning. Aside from having 2 more betting options, it also has additional expert functions that make it even more exciting and challenging for the more serious Roulette players.
  4. It gives players more control, especially on the speed of the game, the graphics, and the sounds. No doubt, this makes it even more pleasurable.

Although many would say that they are playing Roulette simply to win a lot of money, there is no denying that online Roulette players are looking for a more enjoyable experience WHILE at the same time stacking up on their winnings. The European Roulette Gold Series delivers on both counts, so it is no wonder why it is on everyone’s favorite Roulette games list.

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